Talks and papers



  • How to start contributing to Grin, grincon0, Berlin, November 2018 slides video
  • A Conversation on Privacy, a panel discussion with Daniel J. Bernstein, Vlad Zamfir and all, 35C3, Leipzig, December 2018 page, video wanted
  • Building Mimblewimble/Grin, an implementation for privacy and scalability, Quentin Le Sceller (Grin Dev Team), Ignotus Peverell (Grin Dev Team), Yeastplume (Grin Dev Team), Antioch Peverell (Grin Dev Team), hashmap (Grin Dev Team), John Tromp (Grin Dev Team), Daniel Lehnberg (Grin Dev Team), Speaker: Quentin Le Sceller, Stanford, January 2019 page video
  • Grin mainnet launch and first weeks, Grin Berlin meetup, February 2019
  • Как работает Mimblewibmle, Moscow, May 2019, in Russian slides
  • Grin technical intro, Buidl Asia, Seoul, July 22 slides video
  • Grin development: as little as possible, Web3 Summit, Berlin, August 19 slides video